Report from the Alton Community Centre Linked @ ACC Youth Club

Linked @ ACC opened on the 17th May after 4 weeks of preparing the club and content for the sessions. 

Alton Community Centre (ACC) has a core attendance of 3 young people per week with others ‘dipping in and out’. 

There are a few different young people who attend sessions and 3 after the first 4 sessions are now regular attendees and I is considered that the numbers can grow from here with more advertising. As is often the case with youth club’s development is gradual as young people rely on friendship groups to evolve into participation in activities. Normally clubs will naturally grow as members bring friends with them. 

Linked @ ACC has some young people attending who have high need and can receive support when they attend the youth club. There are members with ADHD, Aspergers and Transgender issues in this cohort. These young people can struggle to communicate effectively, be very hyperactive, require reassurance and support and can be emotional during the club session, requiring youth worker support. 

The club has so far delivered a cooking activity each week which the young people enjoy and really look forward to being creative in the kitchen with everyone wanting to join in. There is cupcake decorating, rocky road and banoffee pie. In addition, there is a range of ‘get to know you’ activities including, personal coats of arms, quizzes, story games and conversation cubes. The club has also delivered a range of fun and creative activities including indoor hover football, straw rockets challenge, video games, board games and stress ball making. 

During the summer the members were taken to a local open green space to play a variety of games and sports, this will also provide the opportunity to have lots of fun and enables the youth club to become more visible in the community and attract more young people to it. 

We would like to thank Alton Lions Club (CIO) for their support and encouragement.

Becka Jarvis
Linked @ ACC Youth Leader