Alton CAB Receives a Face Lift

Work has been carried to make the Cross and Pillory Lane premises of East Hants CAB more acceptable for clients. After many years of use the offices were becoming tired and not fit for purpose. Carpets were so worn that they were becoming a safety issue and the furniture was nearing the end of its natural life.

The Lions Club of Alton offered to help with the cost of replacing chairs. The Alton staff of CAB managed to source ‘nearly new’ furniture which stretched the valuable donation.

Alton Lions President, Sarah O’Donoghue said that the club were delighted with this result as the club were always conscious that they were spending money provided by the people of Alton and appreciated wise spending.

Members of Alton Lions visited the Alton office to see the newly acquired furniture and improvements that had been made.

Jon Stuart, CEO of East Hants CAB said, “We are grateful to the Lions Club of Alton for their support. Our Alton office undertakes a vital role for the local community. Over the past year we’ve seen around 1,700 clients. We do really want people to come to us for help as soon as possible. Leaving problems unresolved makes the situation much harder to sort out”

To contact Alton CAB call 0844 4111306 (landlines) or  0300 3300650 (mobiles) or visit the website
To contact the Lions Club of Alton call 0845 8332701, email or visit the website

Sarah O’Donoghue, Alton lions President & Chris Greenwood of the CAB