Alton Laptops for Schools Initiative

Alton Lions Club (CIO) and the Alton and District Community Resilience Fund (ADCRF) have renewed their plea to both those living in the Alton area, and especially the local business community, for used laptops that can be reconditioned and re-deployed for home schooling.

While expressing grateful thanks to all those who have already donated used devices to their ongoing ‘Laptops for Schools’ initiative, there is still a need for more.

Since its launch in February, the scheme has delivered 16 reconditioned laptops to schools in the Alton area, with more in the pipeline, but it is the tip of the iceberg.  According to head teachers, while the children are now back at school, laptop learning is here to stay – they are used both for homework and in the classroom and will continue to play a crucial part in home schooling should a child be required to self isolate or if schools are forced into another lockdown.

In addition, there are families who struggle to provide adequate IT equipment for their children to learn at home.

Alton Lions Club President, Atul Patel, commented that the response from local residents has been “amazingly generous” in terms of releasing used laptops for reconditioning, the appeal is now being extended to the business community.

“With both senior and primary schools still needing a considerable number of laptops to ensure that every pupil has a device to use at home, we are asking businesses, who may be replacing laptops at the end of the financial year, to consider donating them to the scheme,” said Mr Patel.

The unwanted laptops need to be in good condition, with associated cabling etc… and modern enough to contain at least Windows 7, in order to be updated to Windows 10.

They will be taken to ‘Computer Solutions’ in Winchester where they will be cleared, reconditioned and fitted with the relevant software.  The aim is for as much of the cost as possible to be met through ADCRF, using funds secured from a generous public to support those suffering hardship during the pandemic.

Donations to support this scheme will be gratefully received and can be made to ADCRF via the Alton Lions Club (CIO) website at

Butts Primary School pupils from Year 3 Fox class (aged 7/8) were delighted to receive reconditioned laptops donated by local residents under the Alton Lions and ADCRF ‘Laptops for Schools’ scheme.