Alton Lions – A Poem


Now there’s Lions in the jungle and there’s lions in the zoo
And there’s lions in our town but they shouldn’t bother you
These lions don’t look fierce and are not on the prowl for food
They may just eye your wallet, but it’s for the greater good.

They nearly always prowl in pairs with good intent in mind
In the High Street and around the town they’re always very kind
This lot are not animals that would jump upon your back
These are ordinary people and its being nasty that they lack

It’s a group called the Lions, I’m not sure why they call them that
But they do much for others and it’s their backs you want to pat
Combined they are a charity all legal and proper
Trying to raise money be it silver, gold or copper

They organise the Craft Market and Parties in the Park
They help disadvantaged people; I don’t know what they do after dark
But I bet it’s something amazing and will entertain a lot
And hopefully swell the size of coffers in their pot

For when all is said and done they know, to keep it they can’t
Because its raised for groups and people who desperately need a grant
So, these are not the lions from the jungle or from the zoo
These are amazing people that our applause is due

Stan Witcher Alton Town Crier ( 2005-2018)