Alton Lions Commits to Brian’s Well in Africa

Lion Brian Green who joined Alton Lions in 1983 and served as Club Treasurer and President, and as District Treasurer suddenly passed away in 2011. Rather than sending flowers in his memory Lions, friends and colleagues made donations to that totaled a magnificent £1381.

In his early career Brian worked in Africa and developed understanding of the problems that face local communities, in particular the supply of clean water and through Lions made contributions to specific projects. Brian and Alton Lions have a long-standing relationship with ‘Centre Gideon’ in Koutiala in Mali, which is one of the world’s poorest countries in West Africa.

Brian supported Japhet and Alison Diarra in developing an adult skills learning centre (Fig1) in Centre Gideon (Fig 2). (Alison was raised in Alton and went on to become a lawyer in an international legal firm before taking up missionary work in Mali.) The Centre is in desperate need of clean water and has been trying to raise funds to complete a well project (Figs 3&4).

Alton Lions, decided to make up the donated £1381 to £2000 to pay for half of the £4000 cost to finish the well and have committed to it’s completion. Alton Lions would welcome your efforts to raise funds or make donations to the project and guarantees that every penny will go to completing the well.

If you would like more information or to help or make a donation please contact Alton Lions;, 0845 833 2701 or write to Alton Lions c/o 13 Market Square Alton GU34 1HD

Figure 1
Figure 2

Figure 3 - The Well Head
Figure 4 - Looking down the well