Alton Lions Fifth Wenceslas Winter Fuel Project

Alton Lions Club (CIO) has this week launched its fifth annual Wenceslas Campaign – a campaign that invites those people who receive, but who actually don’t need, the Government’s Winter Fuel Payment to consider donating it to the Lions to help local people in fuel poverty.

Supported by the Alton Herald and Alton Citizens Advice (formerly CAB) the aim will be to help those people living in the local community who may, through economic hardship, find it difficult to keep warm this winter.

Like other Lions Clubs around the country, Alton Lions will work in close partnership with the CAB to ensure that any money donated goes directly to those in need.

The hope is to emulate last year’s success when, thanks to the generosity of local people, the Alton campaign raised £3,650 which was used to help reduce fuel debt and to provide fuel vouchers for those in the community in need of this form of support.

Commenting on the initiative, David Callow of Alton Citizens Advice said: “The CA deals with many clients with debt problems and the cost of fuel is an increasing issue. People are often in debt for no fault of their own as maybe there has been illness, disability or loss of a job. Another local problem is a number of older people living in large houses which are expensive to heat whilst only having limited means.

“The initiative of Alton Lions has meant we could help these clients by using the money to pay the client’s supplier directly reducing their arrears.” Mr Callow added: “The partnership between CA and the Lions means that details of names and addresses of the people getting help are kept confidential but CA is confident they are in real need.”

On behalf of the Alton Herald, proprietor, Sir Ray Tindle, confirmed that he is a personal supporter of the Lions Wenceslas Appeal: “I am delighted that the Lions Club is once again asking those who don’t actually require it to pass on the heat payment that Senior Citizens receive from the Government.

“I am very pleased to do so and I know that the Lions are doing a great job in passing this on to those in need.”

This newspaper contains a leaflet, sponsored by the Alton Herald and DG Design and Print, Alton, outlining details of the campaign. Alternatively, call 0845 833 2701 or visit


Do you actually NEED your Winter Fuel Payment?

We know of many local people who are in need of help to keep warm in winter

If you answered NO to the question above please consider donating your payment to Alton Lions Club in the certain knowledge that we will make sure that it goes directly to where it is needed. Through working with Citizens Advice Alton, we have targeted the real need.

Help Alton Lions Club to support our community

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