Alton Lions Helps Four Marks First Responders

Alton Lions have provided funds to enable an embryo Four Marks Community First Responder group to progress a key element of their training programme.

Community First Responder Schemes are teams of volunteers who are trained to a nationally recognised level and provide life saving treatment to people in their local communities. They are trained to respond to emergency calls and provide medical care until an ambulance arrives. The Four Marks Group are integrated with South Central Ambulance Service (SCAS) and will operate on a rota system from their own home or place of work. They are dispatched at the same time as an ambulance via ambulance control to attend Category A ‘immediate life – threatening’ calls which can include, cardiac arrest, diabetic emergency, unconscious patient, breathing difficulties and seizures. Importantly volunteers can arrive at an emergency scene in a matter of minutes, as they are only sent to calls in their local area.

The Four Marks Team is being organised by co-ordinator Ray Cook and includes Karen Murrell a qualified Nursing Trainer who will lead the training programme. Ray is recruiting Four Marks volunteers and can be contacted on 01420 563102.

Alton Lions funds enabled the purchase of ‘Baby Anne’ a training aid used to ensure volunteers develop the necessary skills to cope with baby emergencies.

Photo includes Lion Jackie Barnes, Lion President Peter Bacon, First Responder Trainer Karen Murrell, Co-ordinator Ray Cook and volunteers Andy Freestone, Vi Cook and Sarah Jane House.