Alton Lions Organise the Best Attended Prostate Testing Event to Date

Alton Lions Club held a fourth Prostate Cancer (PSA) Testing event on Saturday, March 18 and, Lions Project Leader Bretta Rains said, “it attracted more men than ever to take advantage of the free testing programme.”

Held at Alton Community Centre, the event was run in conjunction with PCaSO, a charity for men diagnosed with prostate cancer and run by patients diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Financed by Alton Lions Club and PCaSO, grateful thanks have been expressed in addition for a welcome grant of £250 from Alton district councillor Graham Hill, and a donation of £400 from Alton’s Tricycle charity shop.

Once again, this year PCaSO ran an online booking system, bringing improved efficiency on the day, allowing a quick and smooth transition from registration to test.

The event was staffed by volunteers from both Alton Lions Club and PCaSO and employed professional phlebotomists to carry out the testing.

A record number of men attended the testing in Alton Community Centre, “showing just how important these events are to them,” said Lion Bretta.

A total of 360 men were tested, aged between 40 and 75, with 313 receiving a Green (clear) result, 20 being given an Amber warning (seek advice) and 27 receiving a ‘Red’ alert (urgent attention required).

The results appear to show a significant increase in those flagged amber and red and needing to take further action. Lion Bretta said: “We are consulting with PCaSO, to see if this trend in Amber and Red has been observed at other prostate testing events.”

In total, over the events, held in Alton since 2018, Alton Lions and PCaSO have tested 984 men. “There is no doubt” said Lion Bretta, “that this process has made a significant contribution to saving lives and raising the awareness to the threat of prostate cancer.”

Alton Lion Gary Harvey pictured with PCaSO volunteers – part of the team running the PSA testing event at Alton Community Centre.