Fire and Ambulance Service team up to promote the Lions Message in a Bottle Scheme

Following on from the initiative by Alton Lion Brian Lazenby, Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service (HFRS) have now joined forces with South Central Ambulance Service (SACAS) to promote the ‘Message in a Bottle’ scheme that encourages people to keep their basic personal and medical details on a form in their fridge to save lives in the event of a medical emergency. Users can now feel confident that in case of emergency both HFRS & SCAS know exactly how to access this key information.

Kerry Carlton, Community Safety Officer at HFRS, said: ‘This is a simple, free idea that can help so many people, that’s why along with South Central Ambulance Service, Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service is backing the scheme 100 per cent.’

SCAS paramedic, Alex Montogomerie, said: ‘ For a paramedic to have access to a ‘Message in a Bottle’ in an emergency situation, it could be a real lifesaver. When a patient is in pain or distressed the last thing they need is to be quizzed about their life. Often we have to waste valuable time in rummaging around for a patient’s medication, time that could be much better spent in getting them definitive care at hospital.

‘A Stroke can prevent a person speaking and result in a reduced level of consciousness. If any patient has a condition that we need to know about and is not in a position to tell us having a ‘Message in a Bottle’ in their fridge can make a real difference to the outcome for them.’

Brian Lazenby from Alton Lions Club commented: ‘It’s great that SCAS and HFRS are backing our simple but effective scheme, and I would urge the public to contact us to get a ‘Message in a Bottle’ so that in the event of an emergency, the services are able to act quickly.’

The Lions ‘Message in a Bottle’ is free from outlets in and around Alton (surgeries, Community Centre, Herald Office etc) or direct from Alton Lions 0845 833 2701.