Lions, Kings Arms & Repair Café Achieve a Great ‘Teamwork’ Result

Despite ‘lockdown’, The Kings Arms Youth Project (KA) has been doing all it can to support young people in the Alton and Petersfield area as they battle to weather the Cover-19 storm. Launched 20 years ago in Petersfield, KA is a charity that works to support the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing of young people. KA has worked in the schools of Alton for several years and is currently fund raising in earnest to provide a new Youth Centre in the old Bartlett & Butcher shop (The Tannery) in the Bank Car Park

Key to maintaining contact has been modern technology and recently KA took receipt of two ‘nearly new’ laptops, paid for by Alton and Petersfield Lions Clubs and reconditioned by Christian Clarke a member of Alton Repair Café. Petersfield & Alton Lions had donated £750 towards purchasing a laptop but determined to get a better deal for KA, Alton Lion, Bretta Rains, contacted and worked with Christian and the result was two laptops for the price of one brand new model. Christian sourced the laptops direct from Currys (warranty included) checked the hardware, erased the hard drives and installed the latest version of Windows 10, rendering them as good as new.

Christian was present for the socially distanced hand-over outside the emerging KA youth centre in Alton, where work has recently restarted to turn the former Bartlett & Butcher building into a modern youth centre. The occasion was also used for the presentation of art/craft material, games, puzzles and books, collected by Alton Lions, Alton WI and friends for use by the young people supported by KA.

Picture: Christian Clarke is seen outside The Tannery with KA staff (LtoR) Charlie Cranston, Lead Youth Worker for Alton; Lisa Hillan, Services Manager (Alton); and Caroline Aeschliman Manager of Operations (based in Petersfield).