Lions Leap Year Quiz Raises Funds for ‘Brian’s Well’

The Lions Leap Year Quiz held Friday (March 2nd) at the Royal British Legion Club (RBL) in Anstey Park provided a testing time for a wide range of teams from Alton, Four Marks and Holybourne. After an enjoyable but mind teasing trial with only a break for a very tasty curry, provided by Lion Atul Patel and his family, team ‘Lima’ were the victors. Second were ‘6 of the Best’ with the Wooden Spoons going to ‘The Dunces’ from Holybourne Theatre Group.

The Quiz raised £468, which will provide a donation to RBL with the lions share going towards completing a well in memory of Lion Brian Green who served as Treasurer and President of Alton Lions. Lion Brian had worked in Africa and understood the importance of clean water to emerging communities and always supported causes such as ‘Water Aid.’

The well is being built at Centre Gideon, an adult training facility in Koutiala, Mali and with whom Brian and Alton Lions have a long-standing supportive relationship.

Wooden Spooners - The Dunces
Victors - Team Lima - Jan Harcourt, Steve Smiley, John & Sarah O'Donoghue, Lion President and Quizmaster - Peter Bacon, Margaret & Norman Street