New Lions Projects for Haiti

The Chairman of Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) has authorised a project to rebuild the National Nurses School of Port au Prince. LCIF will provide over US$365,000 ( 27% of the overall cost) for construction and equipment.

This School was completely destroyed in the earthquake and more than 100 students and staff killed. Prior to the earthquake there was already a shortage of trained healthcare professionals, especially nurses.

The new building will be constructed of prefabricated containers enabling a short construction time and are durable, storm and earthquake resistant.

Other projects for Lions Clubs funding are still in the development stage, including suitable educational/medical projects for the donations now in excess of the US$660,000 provided by Lions Clubs in the British Isles & Ireland.

A number of factors including the recent cholera outbreak and lack of a cohesive infrastructure are still presenting problems in developing the essential comprehensive rebuilding programme. The primary problem, however, still relates to the clearance of wreckage and rubble, originally estimated to be around 20 – 25 million cubic metres. At this stage there is no reliable estimate of when this clearance is likely to be completed. Clearance and collection is one thing – where it is to be dumped is another!

In spite of these problems there has been some progress by Lions Clubs International Foundation with the recent provision of 600 houses for some of the one million homeless previously accommodated in the Lions Clubs tented villages.