Refugee and Displaced Persons Fund for Conflict in the Ukraine

Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) has been contacted by many Lions recently asking how they can support refugee efforts related to the recent conflict in Ukraine.  Please note that:

LCIF has a “Refugees and Displaced Persons” fund set up for donations to this disaster. 

LCIF having received inquiries from Lions in Romania and Poland about potential grant support for refugee relief have already sent $15,000 to each country. 

LCIF is now working with Lions Clubs leadership in each country to develop a project plan for LCIF to support Lion-led distribution of immediate needs. 

Care packages will include food, water, hygiene items, and clothing. 

LCIF will continue to work with Lions in the adjacent and surrounding countries to evaluate needs, and the potential for Lions to help. 

Lions in Ukraine are understandably not able to participate in relief work at this time, but may be able to in the future, to address some needs of displaced people. 

Ukrainian Lions may also collaborate with Lions in adjacent countries in immediate needs relief activities.

To donate to help Lions in this work go to and use the ‘Donate’ button in the home page.