Successes for an Alton Lions Sponsored Sports Student

terry-brigdaleScholarship for Excellence in Sport 

Sponsored by Alton Lions 


This year I spent a fair amount of my scholarship funding on a trip to Drogheda in Ireland where I took part in a seminar with Tom Scott, from the USA, who is currently ranked number 1 in the world at -75kg (which is also my weight category) in Karate. The seminar consisted of 13 hours over the 3 days in which he shared his vast amounts of knowledge and experience with the participants. This training was invaluable as I learnt so much and was able to take lots of the skills and strategies I was taught and incorporate them into my own training. This helped me to improve my performances in only a short period of time.

During the seminar I also got to train with some fantastic athletes and we were able to push each other to get the most out of the training. Following this amazing experience, Tom and his coach Brody Burns invited me out to Plano, Texas for a week to train with them this summer and if I am able to go, this is what I plan to spend the remainder of my funding on. I am currently saving incredibly hard so not to miss this fantastic opportunity. Back in September I competed in the W.I.K.F European Championships in Holsterbro, Denmark, where I won 2 gold medals all thanks to the funding from my scholarship last year, which enabled me to train as much as I did and accomplish more than what I expected in my first major senior competition.