Thank-you Alton for Your Help

The conflict in Ukraine, unfortunately, continues with millions of people affected by this crisis. Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) is continuing to support refugees through the awarding of grants to Lions Clubs in Ukraine and the 11 bordering countries enabled by donations made from communities like Alton.

These grants are aimed at providing for the immediate relief needs of those who are desperate for assistance.

They are used to cover the actual needs of refugees who are resting or staying in the areas covered by the clubs and are being used to provide medicines, water, food, infant formula, diapers, hygiene, sanitary and personal cleansing needs, sleeping bags, blankets, clothing, refrigeration equipment, and specialist medical equipment for bombing victims.

Ukraine, plus the 11 bordering countries where there are active Lions clubs are delivering this support and are backed by Lions Clubs from all over the world and the communities that they serve.

To date LCIF has made grants exceeding $650,000 and will continue this work as the clubs in the 12 countries continue to identify the developing and critical needs of the refugees.


Atul Patel


Alton Lions Club (CIO)