Ukraine Refugees And Lions International

Latest from Lions International HQ in Oak Brook, Illinois, USA

Lions International, the world’s largest humanitarian service organization, is working to help the more than two million men, women and children that have fled their homes due to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. More refugees are expected to leave Ukraine as the conflict continues, further increasing the scale of this humanitarian crisis. In this time of great need, Lions around the world are uniting through kindness to help the families who desperately need it.

To help ensure that Lions in Ukraine and neighbouring countries are there to support refugees and displaced persons, the Lions Club International Foundation (LCIF) is awarding grants that will enable Lions to help provide immediate relief to those who are struggling to meet their most basic needs.

More than $100,000 in grant funding has already been awarded to Lions serving in Poland, Hungary, Romania, Austria, and the Slovak Republic to help support Ukrainian refugees who have crossed their borders. Lions in Ukraine have also received LCIF grants to address the critical needs of people who remain in the country. Funds will be used by Lions to purchase medicine and medical equipment, as well as other basic necessities such as food and water, clothing, and other supplies. Additional grants will be awarded to help meet the ongoing needs of this crisis.

“Lions and Leos around the world continue to grieve for those impacted by the ongoing conflict in Ukraine,” said LCIF Chairperson Dr. Jung-Yul Choi. “These LCIF grants are empowering our members to help families who have fled their homes find safety and security during this immensely challenging time.”

In addition to the support being provided by the Lions International global foundation, Lions clubs are responding. Lions in the affected region are collecting truckloads of donated food, clothing, and health care products; hosting fundraising activities and charity concerts; and transporting men, women, and children from the border to safe zones. And Lions clubs on the other side of the world are raising funds, staging food and supplies drives, and showing their support through advocacy and outreach.

“The events in Ukraine have shocked the world, but the courage and resilience of the Ukrainian people have inspired it,” said Lions International President, Douglas X. Alexander. “We stand with our Lions and our communities in Ukraine. Lions serve from the heart, and the heart of Lions are shining through during this time of such great need.”

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