Winter Fuel Payment Thanks

25 January 2021

Dear Sir,

Re: Winter Fuel Payment

On behalf of Alton Lions Club (CIO), this letter is to thank the people of Alton and the surrounding villages who responded so positively to the Project Wenceslas Winter Fuel appeal by donating part or all of their winter fuel payment.  Their generosity will enable Alton Lions to continue to provide financial support to those members of our community who due to Covis-19 and other circumstances are in fuel poverty.

This is the eighth year that Alton Lions have appealed for this kind of specific support and this year has achieved a magnificent £5170 from community spirited people. Alton Lions will continue to work with Citizens Advice Alton to determine the distribution of the fund.

Alton Lions would also like to thank The Alton Herald for their editorial support for the project and for distributing the leaflets with the newspaper and to ‘DG Design and Print’ for their support in producing the appeal leaflets.

Yours faithfully,

Atul Patel, President

Alton Lions Club (CIO)

Reg. No: 1174502