Bretta Rains

My name is Bretta Rains – I have been a member of Alton Lions Club (CIO) since 2018.

When I moved to Alton, from London in 2003, I wanted to get more involved in the community as well as make new friends. I first joined the Lions as a ‘supporter’, helping out whenever I was able with various events and occasionally driving for ‘Contact the Elderly’ on Sunday afternoons. Sometimes, if work and life were busy, I was only able to help sporadically, but that didn’t matter as Alton Lions were always welcoming, no matter what time I could give. In fact, I could have just been a “silent” supporter without being able to give any actual time, and this wouldn’t have made any difference to the friendship and support they’ve always showed towards me.

In August 2018 I felt the time was right to be more involved and become a full member of Alton Lions Club (CIO). When I was enrolled I was asked if I would like to sit on the Community Services Committee which I agreed to do. Along the way, I have learnt a great deal about how Alton works, made lovely friends and had lots of fun at both events and social gatherings.

Joining the Lions, even as a supporter, has given me a real sense of belonging to the community and given me a chance of helping to make a difference for other local organisations and individuals alike. The people of Alton, never cease to amaze me at their generosity towards others and we, the Lions, are simply the facilitators, channelling this generosity to make things happen for them. I feel it is a privilege to belong to such a worthwhile organisation and I look forward to more to come.