The Club has an established Services Committee (SC) that is the main forum for reviewing the Club’s service commitments including charitable services, fund raising and grant requests and ensuring that the club can meet its current and future commitments.

In particular SC is responsible for determining the fair distribution of the Alton Lions Club charitable aid and services to local and where appropriate Lions national and international programmes. This includes the assessment of:

  • The viability of existing projects and events, and proposals for future or replacement activities.
  • Requests for support both physical and financial including the matching of grant requests against available resources.

Applications for support should be made to The Secretary, Alton Lions Club, 4 Bennet Close, GU34 2EL, who will forward a copy to the Chairman of the SC.

Whilst the initial contact may be by electronic means, all applications must be supported by a paper application document. Should the initial application be forwarded through a club member, other than the secretary, the Chairman of the SC will forward a copy to the Secretary for the club records.